Saskatchewan Teacher’s Federation

As of April I finished my last ECS Class, I don’t think it sunk in until now. When I go back to the university in January I only have to take 3 more classes, none of which are education classes. So I am done all my ECS classes, but I still have so many questions. I found many of my ECS classes useful but it was mostly theory. I wanted to know more about when I first start teaching. How do I apply for teaching jobs? What about contracts? What are the different types of contracts? How do I go about starting to substitute next May and June? What about benefits of teaching? Salary? These are the types of things I wish I learned about in University. Fortunately I had the opportunity to meet with a STF representative during my pre-internship and I asked him many questions and I learned more about the Teaching profession. Then I went on the STF website and found even more information. So if you are in the same boat as me and you crave more information the STF websiteis very useful.


3 thoughts on “Saskatchewan Teacher’s Federation

  1. Thanks for sharing this site! I was looking for all the information related to teaching but was not able to find relevant information anywhere. This site has helped me to get all the answers, making it easier for me to begin my career as a teacher.
    Thanks again!

  2. I am in the exact same boat! So many questions about things you would think we would learn about sometime in the 4 years we spend in this faculty. Thanks for sharing, I am going to check this out right now

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